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Date: November 3&4, 2001

Place: Dartford, UK.

The first KOA World Cup happened. 11 years after its release, the best computer game of all times had its official World Cup tournament. It was organised by Steve Screech. 31 players from 8 different countries would compete for the title of the Kick Off 2 World Champion.

Sure, not everyone were as good as they had been back in 1990. Back then most of us were teenagers, with little more to worry about than school. Now we have jobs, mortgages, wives, children. So what made us travel to a different country just to play a computer game? Maybe we wanted to feel like kids again. Maybe we saw a chance to fulfil a life dream. Or maybe we just wanted to be able to say I WAS THERE.

The results were less important than the actual event. Alkis Polyrakis won the World Cup and the Best Defense trophy. The Dutch Mark Poelstra was 2nd, the Italian Gianluca Troiano 3rd and he won the best goal average award, while the Dutch Niels Tijssen won the worst player award.

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