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Date: November 2&3, 2002

Place: Athens, Greece

A year passed since the first Gathering and the KOA lads were ready to confront eachother again. The association had grown and new players would have the opportunity of getting in touch with their inner child.

Rikki Fullarton won the World Cup and he also got the Top Scorer trophy, while the Best Defense trophy went to the Norwegian Klaus Loite. The silver and bronze medals were won by Alkis Polyrakis and Klaus Loite respectively. Last place went to Darren Gurney ( Stainy ) who won the shirt of shame. Nikos Andreou was the winner of the Playouts round.


Round 1 - Group A

Team ATeam BABExtra
George KMartin B42
Jacob KAlkis P27
Alkis PGeorge K25
Martin BJacob K32
Apostolos TGeorge K05
Leonardo CJacob K06
George KLeonardo C80
Jacob KApostolos T23
Alkis PMartin B72
George KJacob K82
Apostolos TLeonardo C40
Leonardo CAlkis P05
Martin BApostolos T73
Apostolos TAlkis P06
Leonardo CMartin B06
Martin BGeorge K44
Alkis PJacob K91
George KAlkis P43
Jacob KMartin B37
George KApostolos T61
Jacob KLeonardo C60
Leonardo CGeorge K14
Apostolos TJacob K91
Martin BAlkis P23
Jacob KGeorge K45
Leonardo CApostolos T04
Alkis PLeonardo C60
Apostolos TMartin B36
Alkis PApostolos T62
Martin BLeonardo C100

1George K10910531928
2Alkis P10802541824
3Martin B10613492919
4Apostolos T10406293912
5Jacob K1020829516
6Leonardo C1000101590

Round 1 - Group B

Team ATeam BABExtra
Robert SRodolfo M44
Vasilis KKlaus Lo16
Mark EYakos T30
Klaus LoRobert S34
Rodolfo MVasilis K32
Klaus LoMark E61
Yakos TVasilis K12
Robert SYakos T40
Mark ERodolfo M37
Klaus LoRodolfo M91
Robert SVasilis K24
Yakos TKlaus Lo25
Vasilis KMark E40
Robert SMark E31
Yakos TRodolfo M24
Rodolfo MRobert S37
Klaus LoVasilis K91
Yakos TMark E64
Robert SKlaus Lo23
Vasilis KRodolfo M43
Mark EKlaus Lo310
Vasilis KYakos T30
Yakos TRobert S05
Rodolfo MMark E32
Rodolfo MKlaus Lo03
Vasilis KRobert S54
Klaus LoYakos T101
Mark EVasilis K14
Mark ERobert S26
Rodolfo MYakos T43

1Klaus L10901641627
2Vasilis K10703302921
3Robert S10613412519
4Rodolfo M10514323916
5Mark E1010920493
6Yakos T1010915443

Round 1 - Group C

Team ATeam BABExtra
Nikos AJames B41
Spyros PBill V63
Panayotis PDarren G51
Bill VNikos A41
Anthony KPanayotis P13
James BSpyros P24
Bill VPanayotis P52
Anthony KNikos A07
Darren GSpyros P07
Nikos ADarren G72
Spyros PAnthony K60
Panayotis PJames B51
Bill VJames B24
Nikos ASpyros P15
Anthony KDarren G41
Darren GBill V17
James BAnthony K31
Spyros PPanayotis P45
Anthony KBill V211
Nikos APanayotis P34
Darren GJames B08
James BNikos A41
Bill VSpyros P112
Darren GPanayotis P19
Nikos ABill V54
Panayotis PAnthony K82
Spyros PJames B52
Panayotis PBill V43
Nikos AAnthony K60
Spyros PDarren G50
Darren GNikos A07
Anthony KSpyros P38
James BPanayotis P14
James BBill V73
Spyros PNikos A20
Darren GAnthony K00
Bill VDarren G161
Anthony KJames B03
Panayotis PSpyros P65
Bill VAnthony K100
Panayotis PNikos A83
James BDarren G50

1Panayotis P121101633033
2Spyros P12903593327
3James B12705412921
4Bill V12705793521
5Nikos A12606453418
6Anthony K12111013664
7Darren G1201117801

Round 1 - Group D

Team ATeam BABExtra
Steve CSteve S11
Glenn LRikki F37
Rikki FSteve C31
Filippo DAntonis T72
Steve SGlenn L54
Rikki FAntonis T101
Filippo DSteve C02
Glenn LFilippo D52
Antonis TSteve S12
Rikki FSteve S93
Steve CGlenn L51
Steve SFilippo D31
Glenn LAntonis T20
Filippo DRikki F17
Steve CAntonis T22
Steve SSteve C23
Rikki FGlenn L90
Steve CRikki F37
Antonis TFilippo D23
Glenn LSteve S33
Antonis TRikki F112
Steve CFilippo D23
Filippo DGlenn L02
Steve SAntonis T71
Steve SRikki F34
Glenn LSteve C33
Filippo DSteve S21
Antonis TGlenn L04
Rikki FFilippo D62
Antonis TSteve C05

1Rikki F101000741830
2Steve C10433272215
3Steve S10424302914
4Glenn L10424273414
5Filippo D10406213212
6Antonis T1001910541

Round 2 - Group E

Team ATeam BABExtra
George KRodolfo M63
Steve CJames B44
James BGeorge K20
Steve CRodolfo M41
George KSteve C42
Rodolfo MJames B54
Rodolfo MGeorge K47
James BSteve C41
George KJames B34
Rodolfo MSteve C26
Steve CGeorge K34
James BRodolfo M82

1James B6411261513
2George K6402241812
3Steve C621320197
4Rodolfo M610517353

Round 2 - Group F

Team ATeam BABExtra
Klaus LoApostolos T100
Spyros PSteve S83
Steve SKlaus Lo54
Spyros PApostolos T73
Klaus LoSpyros P82
Apostolos TSteve S33
Apostolos TKlaus Lo09
Steve SSpyros P23
Klaus LoSteve S81
Apostolos TSpyros P27
Spyros PKlaus Lo54
Steve SApostolos T63

1Spyros P6501322215
2Klaus Lo6402431312
3Steve S621320297
4Apostolos T601511421

Round 2 - Group G

Team ATeam BABExtra
Panayotis PGlenn L71
Vasilis KMartin B34
Martin BPanayotis P84
Vasilis KGlenn L10
Panayotis PVasilis K63
Glenn LMartin B34
Glenn LPanayotis P42
Martin BVasilis K62
Panayotis PMartin B64
Glenn LVasilis K32
Vasilis KPanayotis P84
Martin BGlenn L03

1Martin B6402262112
2Panayotis P630329289
3Glenn L630314169
4Vasilis K620419236

Round 2 - Group H

Team ATeam BABExtra
Rikki FBill V42
Alkis PRobert S104
Robert SRikki F22
Alkis PBill V63
Rikki FAlkis P44
Bill VRobert S42
Bill VRikki F26
Robert SAlkis P44
Rikki FRobert S60
Bill VAlkis P45
Alkis PRikki F23
Robert SBill V35

1Rikki F6420251214
2Alkis P6321312211
3Bill V620420266
4Robert S602415312

Playouts - Group I

Team ATeam BABExtra
Anthony KFilippo D22
Filippo DLeonardo C50
Mark EAnthony K31
Anthony KLeonardo C21
Mark EFilippo D31
Mark ELeonardo C40

1Mark E33001029
2Filippo D3111854
3Anthony K3111564
4Leonardo C30031110

Playouts - Group J

Team ATeam BABExtra
Nikos AJacob K81
Yakos TMark W10
Darren GNikos A111
jacob KYakos T11
Nikos AMark W63
Darren GJacob K33
Jacob KMark W14
Darren GYakos T23
Mark WDarren G51
Nikos AYakos T81

1Nikos A440033612
2Yakos T42116117
3Mark W42021296
4Jacob K40226162
5Darren G40137221

Playouts - Semi Finals

Team ATeam BABExtra
Filippo DNikos A13
Nikos AFilippo D62
Mark EYakos T52
Yakos TMark E52
Mark EYakos T13

Playouts - Finals

Team ATeam BABExtra
Yakos TNikos A04
Nikos AYakos T31

Quarter Finals

Team ATeam BABExtra
Klaus LoJames B41
James BKlaus Lo32
George KSpyros P67
Spyros PGeorge K43
Alkis PMartin B64
Martin BAlkis P34
Panayotis PRikki F45
Rikki FPanayotis P93

Semi Finals

Team ATeam BABExtra
Klaus LoAlkis P55
Alkis PKlaus Lo76
Spyros PRikki F27
Rikki FSpyros P95

3rd Place Final

Team ATeam BABExtra
Spyros PKlaus Lo45


Team ATeam BABExtra
Alkis PRikki F64
Rikki FAlkis P63

Media Files (WMV)

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals

The Final

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