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Date: November 12&13, 2004

Place: Milan, Italy

The number of players in this World Cup was higher than ever: 43 participants from 9 countries. In the end, it was the returning champion Gianluca Troiano who kept his trophy without losing a single game. He defeated his compatriot Luigi Freguglia in the final and became the first player with two gold medals and the first one who won it at home. Nikos Andreou was the bronze medal winner. The best defender and top scorer awards went to Gianluca Troiano and Spyros Paraschis respectively. Luca Antonini won the KOA CUP.



  1. Gianni Torchio
  2. Sandro Torchio
  3. Luigi Freguglia
  4. Alessandro Q
  5. Franco Chiandotto
  6. Filippo Della Bianca
  7. Diego Damo
  8. Gianluca Troiano
  9. Fabio Artuso
  10. Giacomo Troiano
  11. Pako
  12. Fulvio Olivieri
  13. Marco De Iaco
  14. Maurizio Leparulo
  15. Fabio Fichera
  16. Angelo Scotto
  17. Mario Fichera
  18. Cristian Zenucchini
  19. Luca Antonini
  20. Riccardo Poli
  21. Damiano Stagi


  1. Mark Williams
  2. Robert Swift
  3. Haydn Hamm
  4. Steve Camber
  5. Nazim Choudhury
  6. Mark Bishop


  1. Danny Deneen


  1. Alex - Tripod
  2. SaschaW
  3. Michael M
  4. Patrick D
  5. Panni Pansen
  6. Wolfram Heyer
  7. Peter Sommer
  8. Thomas Niekamp


  1. Spyros Paraschis
  2. Nikos Andreou


  1. Jørn Flagtvedt


  1. Rodolfo


  1. Riemer Poelstra
  2. Mark Poelstra
  3. Kees van den Berg

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