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Cologne held the 2005 Kick Off World Cup Tournament. The Tournament followed the new KOA Rules using Kick Off 2 competition version for the first time on a World Cup and Mixed PBD allowed on all the games.

The annual World gathering started on SATURDAY 12 November at 1:00 PM AND ended on sunday 13 at around 6pm.

Last year's world cup was very big, but this time the Germans took the big responsibility of hosting the event and they lived up to their reputation, as they managed to give us the most perfectly organized world cup ever. 63 players from 11 countries are now the new attendance records!

Another triumph for Gianluca Troiano who won his third title in a row, and as if that wasn't enough, he brought the Top Scorer trophy and Best Defense trophy home as well! Just like last year, he was undefeated and just like last year, he had to face a compatriot in the final. It was Gianni Torchio this time who was 100% improved than in Milan, but still could not do much to stop the KOA's eternal champion. The bronze medal went to Alkis Polyrakis who came back after a year of absence, while the KOA CUP was won by Filippo Della Bianca. Thorsten Butschke was the 2005 "Trophy of Shame" winner (read more on the Alkis website).

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