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The Kick Off Series is a series of football computer games released from 1989 to 1991 by ANCO for various platforms. The games in the Kick Off Series are considered pioneer, since contrary to previous football computer games, the ball does not stick to the player's feet but is realistically kicked ahead of the player. This adds an important degree of difficulty and skill requirement on the part of the human player. This, along with many other original features (such as aftertouch, action replays, individual players characteristics, tactics, different pitch types, etc) made the games the in Kick Off Series some of the most popular football computer games ever. Kick Off 2 is still among fans considered the best football computer game ever.

Kick Off was first developed on the Atari ST platform and then ported to the Amiga platform. Even though versions for other computer platforms followed, the Atari ST and especially the Amiga versions were by far the best. This Wiki deals mainly with the Amiga and Atari ST versions of the games.

The Kick Off Series was developed by Dino Dini (programming, design) and Steve Screech (graphics, design, testing).

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