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This is a list of the existing Wikickoffs for various languages. However the list tries not only to tell the names of the languages but to have links to Wikickoff articles about them.

Language list

Note: just adding a link below does not suddenly spring a Wikickoff into existence. :-) Currently, Wikickoff's volunteer developers are overworked and understaffed. Your patience is appreciated, and pitching in with development is welcome.

If a wikickoff becomes active, please do move a link to all the relevant Wikipedia pages, and help promote the effort by announcing the effort on the KO Gathering forum.

The languages listed below are Wikickoffs which have been created. Their progress should be tracked at [KO Gathering forum]. To start a new Wikickoff in a language, please see How to start a new Wikickoff.

The List

Active (at least 10 articles)

  1. English wiki: en
  2. Deutsch (German) wiki: de
  3. Italiano (Italian) wiki: it

Slightly active (at least main page article)

  1. Dansk (Danish) wiki: da
  2. Français (French) wiki: fr
  3. Ελληνικά (Greek) wiki: el
  4. Nederlands (Dutch) wiki: nl
  5. Norsk (Norwegian) wiki: no
  6. Português (Portuguese) wiki: pt
  7. Español (Spanish) wiki: es

Inactive (no articles in language)

  1. Svenska (Swedish) wiki: sv
  2. Suomi (Finnish) wiki: fi
  3. Türkçe (Turkish) wiki: tr
  4. Polski (Polish) wiki: pl
  5. 日本語 (Japanese) wiki: ja
  6. Euskara (Basque) wiki: eu
  7. Bosanski (Bosnian) wiki: bs
  8. Български (Bulgarian) wiki: bg
  9. Català (Catalan) wiki: ca
  10. Hrvatski (Croatian) wiki: hr
  11. Česká (Czech) wiki: cs
  12. Eesti (Estonian) wiki: et
  13. Frysk (Western Frisian) wiki: fy
  14. Irish (Gaeilge) wiki: ga
  15. Gàidhlig (Scots Gaelic) wiki: gd
  16. Galego (Galician) wiki: gl
  17. עברית (Hebrew) wiki: he
  18. Magyar (Hungarian) wiki: hu
  19. Íslenska (Icelandic) wiki: is
  20. Latviešu (Latvian) wiki: lv
  21. Lëtzebuergesch (Luxembourgish) wiki: lb
  22. Lietuvių (Lithuanian) wiki: lt
  23. Maltese (Malti) wiki: mt
  24. Nynorsk wiki: nn
  25. Română (Romanian) wiki: ro
  26. Русский (Russian) wiki: ru
  27. Slovenščina (Slovenian) wiki: sl
  28. Српски (Serbian) wiki: sr
  29. Slovenčina (Slovak) wiki: sk
  30. Українська (Ukrainian) wiki: uk
  31. Cymraeg (Welsh) wiki: cy
  32. Walon (Walloon) wiki: wa