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Dino Dini, The creator of the Kick Off Series

Dino Dini (5th June 1965, London) is most noted for being the creator of two extremely successful sports game brands - Kick Off and Player Manager. These redefined the football action and management games, and have influenced virtually all football (soccer) games ever since.

Dino worked also in on a new football game to be published by Microprose from 1995 to 1996. Unfortunately Microprose decided to drop most of their sports titles, and the project was cancelled with an amicable agreement.

In 1996, Dino went to the United States in order to gain experience of corporate game development and management working as Group Leader and briefly as Project Manager. Dino helped Z-Axis ship Three Lions, the number one hit fully 3D soccer game published by Take 2 Interactive. This title was released under various different names in Europe, and also as Alexi Lalas International Soccer in the USA. Later Dino worked at Universal Studios directing prototype work for a project called "Monster Movie".

At 3DO Dino worked with the library group and directed development of "Vegas Games 2000" for Playstation to both create a product and put their library code through its paces, he did fire-fighting work on the hit game "Army Men Sarge's Heroes" for Nintendo 64" and also on "Family Game Pack" for Playstation. Dino directed the Groovy Bunch Of Games product for the PC, which included a new game design by Dino, "Box Battles". Finally at 3DO, Dino operated as "Studio Engineer", to encourage code sharing and programming standards between tech leads at the company.

Dino Dini also worked for a THQ studio, where he was given the task of directing the creation of a tripple A title in 6 months with no team in place and a small budget, succeeding in taking the project to Alpha, inspite of the fact that the technology team at the company were engaged in shipping a concurrent slipping title themselves and most of the technology codebase was shared and unsuitable for the task.

In 2001 Dini started to work with DC studios personnel on the abortive soccer game code-named "Soccer 3" and later called Total Control Football. He continued the work for four years until 2005, before the project ended without the final product ever reaching the market. Dini has since worked as a contractor together with other companies on a government funded project. Since 2007 he is lecturer at the NHTV in Breda, Netherlands, teaching Game Design and programming. He also has started a career as musician.

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