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Amiga/Atari Joystick

Competition Pro

Competition pro 5000.jpg Competition pro clear.jpg Competition pro deluxe.jpg Competition pro green.jpg


Suncom tac2.jpg Suncom tac2 special.jpg Suncom slik stik.jpg Suncom starfighter.jpg

The Arcade

The arcade.jpg Arcade Turbo.jpg


Zipstick.jpg Zipstick super pro.jpg


Wico.jpg Wico joystick.jpg


Quickshot ii.jpg Quickshot ii turbo.jpg Qs-131.jpg Qs-131f.jpg


Konix speedking.jpg Konix navigator.jpg

Homemade Joystick (FoxJoy)


ACS Microtechnica

ACS Microtechnica joystick

A greek joystick, made in 1985. It's a fully metallic construction and it sports a second pass-thru joystick port on the backside, so that Amstrad CPC (who had only one joystick port) users could connect a second joystick to their computer.

Spyros Paraschis is the only KOA player known to use this joystick.


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An Italian Joystick very popular on 80s and early 90s.


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Tomahawk, another sturdy greek arcade joystick

The Tomahawk is one of the sturdy greek arcade joysticks that were very popular in late 80s. It shares an almost identical design with the Pacman and Starfighter joysticks.


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Homebuilt in 1989. It uses the popular Q A O P and SPACE keyboard combination within a joystick. One of two still in use today by Stainy, who is the only known player to use this. It is rumoured that there is a larger joystick-hybrid version of the Joyboard used by Ely - but this has not been seen for some time.

PC Joysticks

The Greek Stick


Made by Greek company CMS. There is also an Amiga version available.

Competition Pro USB


A classic Joystick revived for modern Personal Computers. This is the replica of the original Competition Pro joystick from the 80's. The new SPEED-Link Competition Pro is fitted with a USB connector, features four buttons and an autofire function. The shaft is made of metal and extremely robust. This joystick is suitable for any PC game that supports digital input devices. The Competition Pro is certainly the perfect joystick for emulators, e.g. VICE, UAE, WinUAE or MAME. Also available in transparent-blue design.


Digital joystick with micro switches, four digital buttons with micro switches, two digital axis, autofire function, USB connector, robust shaft, transparent blue design, compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.

Amiga/Atari Joystick adaptors for modern PC

This adaptors let the old arcade joysticks for Amiga/Atari ST work on every modern PC. To use two joysticks under Windows95/98/ME you have to add a second joystick device (2-axis, 2-buttons). Using Windows 2000 you cannot install two seperate joysticks; instead, you have to choose the Two 2-button joysticks on a y-cord option. Windows XP users have to set up an custom game controller with 4 axis and 4 buttons.

USB adaptors

USB Adaptor Amiga Joy.jpg

Parallel port adaptors

Prior to use this adaptors you'll need to install the PPJoy (Parallel Port joystick) drivers.

Get it here:

Parallel Adaptor Amiga Joy.jpg Parallel Adaptor Amiga Joy2.jpg

4 Player Adaptor

This parallel adaptors are also known as "Amiga 4 players adaptors" as they work also to let 2 more joysticks work on the amiga through its parallel port (is it possible to play with 4 joysticks also with Kick Off 2). On the modern PC the 4 player adaptor make 2 Amiga joysticks work with WinUAE and Kick Off.
Parallel Adaptor 2Amiga Joy.jpg

Analog PC Game port adaptors

This adaptors let the Amiga/Atari joysticks work into all the PC Game port that usually are available on the sound cards. The PC gameports are designed for the usage of two analog joysticks with 2 buttons each. Analog joysticks are excellent for flight simulation but have too long reaction times for arcade games. If you once used a C-64 or AMIGA computer you certainly have a joystick but can not be plugged to the PC gameport. To make this possible Thre're appropriate interfaces. So you can use your old joystick for Kick Off On WinUAE or play arcade games with M.A.M.E.. The interface converts the digital signal to analog, using discrete ohm values depending on the joystick switches. This is basically the same way joypads work on the PC. It's all hardware, no software drivers needed.

Analog Joystick Adapter.jpg Pc-competitor.jpg Pccompetitor.gif

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