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The KOA Shield, the Kick Off World trophy. Here we have Steve Screech (left) donating the first Shield to the first KOA World Champion: Alkis Polyrakis

The KOA Shield is the world trophy owned for one year by every Kick Off World Champion. The first KOA Shield was donated by Steve Screech to the KOA on 2001 for the first Kick Off World Cup Gathering in Dartford, Englad, organized and fully paid by Steve Screech himself.

Alkis Polyrakis won SHIELD 1 in 2001. He lost it in 2002 World Cup to Rikki Fullarton. Rikki Fullarton was banned from the Groningen Gathering. Rikki Fullarton kept SHIELD 1 and no-one ask for it back.

SHIELD 2 was given to Alkis Polyrakis by his friends in the KOA because he used to do a lot of work for the KOA. A bunch of his friends clubbed together to make SHIELD 2, a replica of SHIELD 1, so that Alkis Polyrakis could forever keep his 'World Cup'.

SHIELD 3 was created because Alkis Polyrakis was not expected to give up SHIELD 2 and Rikki was not invited to defend SHIELD 1 or give it back. There was therefore a need for SHIELD 3. SHIELD 3 was won by Gianluca in 2003 Championship and in 2004 Championship. SHIELD 3 is now the official World Trophy for the 2005 World Gathering.