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The purpose of the KOPIA project (Kick Off Preservation International Association) is to obtain working copies from original Dino Dini’s games in order to preserve them for life since they were distributed on unreliable supports. (3,5” DD double side floppy disks) The project includes also the preservation of all the magazine articles and advertise. Actually we're working on the following games:

  1. Kick Off 2 World Cup 90 (italian, 1990)
  2. Kick Off 2 v1.4 (italian, 1990)
  3. Player Manager (italian. 1989)
  4. Franco Baresi World Cup Kick Off (italian, 1990)
  5. Kick Off 2 World Cup 90 (french, 1990)

Kick Off 2 World Cup 90 (italian)
This is the first Kick Off 2 version specifically wrote for the italian market. No cracked versions or WinUAE images have been made. The only way to play it is to buy a used copy and run it on a Amiga.

Kick Off 2 v1.4 (italian)
It’s a fixed copy,annoying bugs have been removed. (a player sent off on the first half doesn’t return to the field after the half time) It doesn’t come with the World Cup,however there are not cracked copies or images available for WinUAE. The only way to play it is to buy a copy (through eBay or whatever) and run it on a Amiga.

Player Manager (italian version)
This managerial masterpiece by Dino Dino was cracked in 1989 by the F.I.C.A.,a former italian hacking team. It comes with a well-known massive unrecoverable bug (probably due to a unexpected protection against copies) that causes the game to crash suddenly in case the player wins the Coppa Italia. Therefore there ain’t working copies (neither for WinUAE) and the only way is to gather a 100% original diskette and run it on a real Amiga.

Franco Baresi World Cup Kick Off
This version has been wrote specifically for the italian market,in association with a national software house,to soothe the strong wait about the Italia 90’s celebrative world cup version. Although a cracked version exists (it runs as well on WinUAE) some bug or protection could have been left out by the crackers (such as on Player Manager) so none can guarantee its working. Therefore a urge to obtain a 100% original version (not “handled”) to use on WinUAE is strongly felt.

Kick Off 2 World Cup 90 (french version)
First Kick Off 2 version came on the french market. No cracked versions or WinUAE images have been made. The only way to play it is to buy a used copy and run it on a Amiga.

C.A.P.S. Project

The C.A.P.S. -Classic Amiga Preservation Society- can help a lot in order to reach the goal. (http://www.caps-project.org/) As the name itself tells,C.A.P.S has been established to preserve classical software for the future; It’s currently engaged on the Amiga masterpieces. Everybody knows these games have been dismissed for a long time and,currently,they lives only into our memories and collector’s communities. Due to the unreliable supports in which they were distributed,these games are in a serious risk to physically disappears forever. We cant permit it to happen. C.A.P.S. main purpose is to guarantee the preservation of such heritage in computer games history.

In order to achieve our purpose we need to gather the highest number of original copies we can,possibly in mind conditions. The course of this work of preservation includes both software and it’s artwork. (boxes and manuals) This is very useful because it happens that boxes are different,according to the versions of the game or diskettes could be seriously damaged. An Amiga 1200 is also required to obtain images to send to C.A.P.S. Is strongly adviced to use an Amiga 1200 with 4Mb RAM equipped with HD. To work on artworks of boxes and manuals a good-quality scanner device is also required.

Once gathered the images from floppy disks we have copies of the games virtually identical to the original,to run under WinUAE. Images comes on IPF,which is different from the usual ADF.

To run IPF files on WinUAE a specific driver (CAPS driver) is needed. Since an IPF imagefile still mantain its protection against illegal copies,you cannot create an ADF file or retrieve a Amiga floppy back. In order to obtain ADF or floppy back to their original status,IPF files must be processed again,applying old cracks. (no intro messages or cracking credits)

This work has been already done with Kick Off 2 (english version) by danish hacker Jesper who patched the protection system with the Oracle crack,leaving untouched everything else.


  1. To obtain 100% identical and unrestricted images of original Amiga games to play under WinUAE.
  2. 100% identical copies of original games on 3,5” floppies to run and copy on Amiga without restrictions.


  1. Comprehensive list of floppies,boxes and manuals owned by collectors and ???,with notes on their status.
  2. Amiga 1200 users available to dump the originals and to send to the C.A.P.S. for further cracking.
  3. Programmers,Amiga geeks,old-time crackers and whoever can be useful to the C.A.P.S. in dealing with game protections or with a deep knowledge in the crack environment.
  4. A testing crew;useful to verify image working,to trace and report any bug and/or error occured.