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Kick Off 2, the main menu

Kick Off 2 is the sequel of Kick Off. It was even more successful than his predecessor and is still acclaimed as one of the best football computer game ever released for home computer and console.

Many innovative concepts have since become standard features in football games. Kick Off 2 added from Kick Off different field types, customizable shirts, allowed customized tactics made with Player Manager and a revolutionary feature called "after touch": a ball-controlling feature which was on effect after kicking the ball. It could produce some wicked spin, height or power to the ball depending on the action adding more degree of control over shooting the ball. Kick Off 2 is considered the best game of the series and this version is played over the annual Kick off association World Cup since 2001.

Kick Off 2 was developed by Dino Dini (programming, design) and Steve Screech (graphics, design, tactics, testing)

game description

Kick Off 2 retains the pace and accuracy of the universally acclaimed Kick Off, with a full size multi directional scrolling pitch and the players, markings, goals etc, in correct proportions. Both teams play the game strictly according to tactics. Players move into position to receive passes and gain possession. The ball,as in real game, travels ahead of the player thus making a tackle a matter of skill rather than of choice.

KICK OFF 2 like real soccer, requires skills in ball control for passing, dribbling, shooting etc. Accuracy in shooting, the ability to swerve or bend the ball to score, when taking free kicks need a lot of practice. The practice option allow to practice the ball skills and set pieces, without being harassed by the opposition and practice the skills to perfection. If two players are to team up, it is an ideal opportunity to practice ONE - TWO up and down the pitch.

Each player on the pitch has a unique combination of attributes and skills suitable for the skill level at which the game is being played. A International is superior to 4th div. player in all departments.

One of the most useful options is the provision to set the skill levels of both teams independently. A novice with INTERNATIONAL Squad can give a professional with 4th Division Squad a run for his money.

There is a league and a cup tournament with sudden death penalty shoot outs, in case of a draw. The teams in the league are on the whole evenly matched but with different styles of play and the player skills to match, that style. There is a option to load your own team from "Player Manager" along with your own tactics, to play against another "Player Manager" team in a single game or enter league and cup tournament.

The special events selection in the main menu,allows data disks to be loaded.

Kick Off 2 also provides the facility to change strip colours, on expanded Atari ST's ( 1 MB or above ) there are additional sound effects.

The "Action Reply" facility allows you to see the goals at normal pace or in "Slow Motion" and compile your own "Golden Goals" disk.

There are 24 referees and have their own distinctive temperaments. Some referee turns a "blind eye" and someone has a pack of red cards, to distribute. On the other hand, like human beings, they have good days and bad days.

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  • Awarded 1990 EMAP Images Golden Joystick Award - Game Of The Year
  • Awarded 1990 Til 'dor (French magazine publisher award)

Games in the series

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In 1992, a sequel, Kick Off 3 was in development. For various reasons the game didn't make it out. Dino Dini left ANCO on 1993 for Virgin games and he released Goal! for them on 1994. Goal! was a totally different football game that was not well accepted by most of the kick off enthusiastic. In the same year ANCO released Kick Off 3 developed by Steve Screech, a totally new game with nothing in common with Kick Off 2.

In 2001 Steve Screech started a project called Ultimate Kick Off with the help of an early established KOA. The game was released by ANCO with the name Kick Off 2002. Later a sequel called Kick Off 2004 was planned but it was never been released.

In 2005 Steve Camber started his project called Kick Off 2 competition version, an updated version of the classic game for Amiga improving its features using reverse engineering on the original Amiga game.


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