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Kick Off 2002, the german cover

Kick Off 2002 is a game developed by Steve Screech with the help, suggestions and beta testing of all the KOA.


When you choose a team from the default team list (international teams) put you marker on the country and right-click. Look at the total of the stat/skill points, the total determines how good or bad a team is.

Second button on the Greek sticks

The "other" button can also be used to do over-head kick when the ball is in the air and over you. With the lobbing bit, it seems to make the ball lob towards the neasrest person and varying speeds i.e. can be useful on crosses, dinks, lobs down the line and you can also use after touch with it. When you are in the middle of the park it does usually lob it to oneself so in effect you can flick it up to yourself and do an overhead kick using the "other button" twice, quite useful defensively.

If you are facing straight forward, then it does just flip up in the air which is a bit pointless but if you want to do a straight lob then just use the “pull back” method anyway.It can also be used for : ( Thanks to Pee for this ) 1) Diagonal lobbing from midfield to wingers. (During play and at kick off) 2) Diagonal lobbing from wingers and midfielders into the box to the forwards 3) Diagonal lobbing from wingers and midfielders from midway in opponents half over the back line of defence to the forwards 4) Also useful if panic sets in the box where you don’t want to make a sliding tackle and risk giving away a penalty. Therefore useful in blocking shots or clearing danger.

Saving goals

All goals are saved automatically in Kickoff; to save a piece of action other than a goal just hit the “R” key. This will save the last few seconds of action before the key press. To save the highlights as a golden Goal or moment; when the match is complete select highlights, there you will find a list of all the goals scored and highlights saved by the user during the match. Select the one you want to save and hit “save game".Your highlights that have not been stored will be lost forever.

Ingame Celebrations

You have to have the button held as you score the goal, so really you have to be thinking that you are going to take the piss before you've scored.This makes it doubly humiliating for the opposition. Aeroplanee celebration with the firebutton down and get the team to follow you about and then release the fire button but continue to run, you will do the aeroplane celebration or your whole team will in fact, it looks bizarre. Air guitar celebration When doing the freestyle celebration stop running around and then release the fire button you should do the air guitar celebration " Be warned though, don’t overcelebrate !


you can do them like that, i've scored some wonderous freekicks but the control is just slightly different thats all. Fire button is POWER, reverse stick is height, left and right bias left or right of the wall and then when the ball is kicked you bend it back! Practice makes perfect. T

Online Multiplayer ?

“It's not that it can't be done it's just that it can't be done well enough to benefit a split second timing game like KO at present.” Steve Screech


The longer you keep the button pressed, the higher you shoot. a quick tip on the button when the arrow moves towards the center, should do the trick.

How is the man of the match calculated ?

It is done not only on goals etc but on general play, mistakes made, interceptions won all sorts of things

Game Problems

Custom team sounds do not work. They need to be 8 bit mono.A suggestion is to create them in cool edit and then open them in sound recorder in accessories/entertainment and convert them to radio quality in file/properties.That worked for me after I was having problems.

Getting two joysticks working

Use USB GAMEPORT ADAPTOR or a simple joystick splitter.

3dfx cards

There are known issues with the defaults drivers that windows assigns 3dfx cards. To play kick off 2002 download the original 3dfx drivers from or pick a optimized 3rd party driver from


“J.Oust needs to get down to specsavers sharpish” Sumner, Matt “S. Screech is not a friendly one” Flagtvedt, Jørn "A.Polyrakis rarely gives any” Alkis.

Easter Eggs

During a game, press the right enter button to hear the "shame!!!" taunt from the Dartford Game of hame!!! Enter "Pikey Wayne" as the first custom team and you can play with a severed head. Enter “Beach Soccer” as the first custom team.Your can now play with a beach ball Enter "Psycho Commentary" as the 2nd custom team.Then select "Psycho Commentary" as the music in the options menu Control the ambulance with the arrow keys. Penalties.Press the fire button twice just after the shot and the player will lob the ball Rshaw and company are back. Select a friendly match. In the team selection page click on the big ball in the top right corner.You can select team one with the left mouse button and team 2 with the second mouse button. Click on man of the match after a friendly game. Type "SHAME" after a game you get a new picture saying who was the shame(the worst playrer) of the match Press the button just before the player hits the ball on a penalty. then he will dink it in. Just like Totti in EC 2000. Choose which team you want to play, with your joystick. then switch it to the centre and then emideately you press the button. Then you will be able to see the cpu play against the cpu. (I found out this myself. I don't even know if Steve knows how to do it) There is also a subliminal image in the background of the custom team flag Pressing W+T+F+C at the same time under a particular circumstance will make something happen. It seems to work pretty much at any time during a game on the mac. Just keep pressing the keys!.

They do work in the mac version but you've got to put the teams first in the created team list, not first in the exhibition.

What other versions of ko2002 are there?

The mac version was ported by Virtual Programming Ltd. Virtual Programming Ltd. PO Box 4619 Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK13 7ZW United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)870 746 2118 Fax: +44 (0)709 2310 429


Kick off 2002 is believed to have sold 5000 copies.This was due to a lack of interest from the publisher acclaim.It is believed that only 5000 copies were pressed and sold to Game a chain of software stores in England and Ireland.However in sunny wolverhampton J game was listed as being number 9 in the internal game charts.“Acclaim have no interest in the game what so ever, they don't bother answering emails, they don't return phone calls etc they have no interest in the product other than making amountain of cash. They realise that on the PC alone it's not going to make them that nice pile of dough thus.... In fact they have shown about as much interest us the highest echelon at Anco! It all fucking sux!” Steve Screech author.


Last patch released was 1.33 and is available through the download page.

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