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The following is a list of news aggregators.

Desktop news aggregators

These are programs that you can download and install on your computer.


  • AmphetaDesk was an open source syndicated news aggregator. Although once cutting-edge, by early 2004 its creator Morbus Iff had moved on to other projects.
  • Aggreg8, an open sourceMozilla/Firefox extension developed by Philip Roche and licensed under the Mozilla Public License. The developer stopped working on it in 2004 and now recommends the use of Habari Xenu.
  • Bitty Browser is an applet for displaying a virtual navigable web browser within a frame on a user's web page which can also be used to display RSS, Atom, and Podcast feeds.
  • BlogMatrix Sparks! includes a podcast recorder.
  • BlogBridge is an open source program geared towards new users of RSS aggregators. It's written in Java, and supported in Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X.
  • BottomFeeder is a project written in VisualWorks Smalltalk and licensed under the open source Artistic License.
  • is a browser-based XML/RSS news reader, which enables the users to access their favorite feeds and blogs from any computer in the world without extra administration.
  • Habari Xenu was a project originally based on Aggreg8 and like it is also an extension for the Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.
  • Konfabulator (now owned by Yahoo) offers several cross-platform RSS readers.
  • Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser that can display feeds as bookmark folders.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source email and newsgroup client that can also read RSS and Atom feeds.
  • NewsFeed is a cross-platform RSS/RDF/Atom reader written in Python/Tk and released under the free GPL license.
  • nntp//rss is a Java-based open source application that will enable you to use your existing favorite NNTP newsreader to read your information channels.
  • [ Opera], the proprietary web browser, has a news aggregator built in.
  • Radio UserLand runs on Mac and Windows and integrates the aggregator with a powerful weblog editing tool. It's the descendant of UserLand's original aggregator,, first deployed in 1999.
  • Sage is a is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed reader extension for Firefox.
  • ThinFeeder RSS Aggregator is a lightweight RSS / Atom aggregator for desktop, developed in Java.
  • Wizz RSS is a Firefox extension that supports all versions of RSS, Atom 0.3, Podcast feeds and the Feed protocol. Also works very well as a Gmail notifier and can be used to publish feeds on any web site.
  • RSSOwl] is a free RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader written in Java with SWT for a fast, native GUI. It is licensed under the open source Common Public License and runs under MS Windows, Mac OS X and other Unix-like operating systems.
  • NewsMonster is an RSS aggregator that runs inside a Mozilla-based web browser.
  • Rss Viewer is a cross-platform RSS aggregator written in Java. It supports a number of different viewing styles.
  • Rss Notifier is a cross-platform RSS notifier written in Java. It is a small application that works from the System Tray just like Gmail Notifier does.

For Windows

Windows freeware

  • Abilon
  • Aggie uses the .NET Framework.
  • All Headline News - RSS Reader is a free news reader that delivers feeds directly to your desktop. It comes preconfigured with popular AHN news feeds and allows you to add RSS feeds and customize the reader to your preferences. News, weather, market data, horoscopes and other newsreader content is available for commercial account holders.
  • Attensa for Outlook (beta) is a news reader that delivers newsfeeds directly into folders in Microsoft Outlook. It includes browser toolbars for Internet Explorer and Firefox that make it easy to add and manage subscriptions. It supports attachments including Podcast audio files. (Currently a beta.)
  • Awasu has many features, is highly customizable and extensible. Currently can use IE or Mozilla as embedded browser, but not Firefox.
  • BlogExpress uses the .NET.
  • Chaos Wallpaper rotates the desktop wallpaper while displaying RSS and Atom feeds.
  • CITA RSS Aggregator supports Podcasts and BitTorrents manually or automatically. It can also access RSS feeds secured by user id and password and includes a tool for removing adverts from news feeds.
  • Custom Reader is a fully brandable and customisable aggregator. You can customise your feeds to offer users as a download, includes full online statistical analysis. (beta)
  • FeedGarner is an enclosure-aware RSS aggregator that can read RSS/RDF/Atom feeds. FeedGarner uses the .NET framework.
  • Feedreader is a freeware Windows application that reads and displays Atom and RSS feeds. Very small and unobtrusive to install but it does not support RDF feeds or OPML files.
  • Folio First can also be used to aggregate all kinds of other information.
  • GreatNews Fast, feature rich yet very compact. Does not need .Net or Java runtime.
  • Juice is the better news reader.
  • Kinja a full-featured web-based RSS/RDF/Atom reader (beta).
  • Lektora integrates with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox (beta).
  • My RSS Toolbar is toolbar for Internet Explorer. Contains pre-defined list of feeds combined into categories
  • NewsAnts is a Chinese aggregator, that comes with a news web site spider to convert HTML to RSS. It has 4000 internal channels for Chinese newspapers.
  • NewsBee German RSS-Reader with DB and search agents. No need for .NET.
  • NewsBar shows News on the desktop like News Networks do on TV
  • News Messenger allows you to read atom and rss feeds and can even parse html pages so you can read headlines from sites that don't support syndication. Uses the .NET framework.
  • Net Newz has a small interface and is available in English and French.
  • Newzie provides news highlights, news slideshow, a popup notifier, and podcasts.
  • Nutshell has a fully skinable multi-window interface and includes a Ticker bar.
  • Omea uses the .NET framework. It has advanced support for searching and managing messages, like linking them, categorizing them, creating custom filters and rules. It supports Web bookmarks management as well.
  • Pluck creates an RSS pane in Internet Explorer. CNET's editor's choice.
  • RSS Feeder .NET RSS Feed aggregator & Blog Tool - Newspaper view, Outlook style 3 pane view, Store feeds in Outlook folder. No Outlook overhead, hang or delay. Blog to Wordpress/.Text/Movabletype/B2. Newsgator import. Auto Update. Post to weblog from Outlook folders.
  • RSS Popper is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook.
  • RSS Bandit uses the .NET framework. It has the ability to store its state on a web server, so that you can use it at work and home and keep the two setups synchronised.
  • RSSOwl is written in Java with SWT for a fast, native GUI.
  • RSS Reader is freeware that runs on Windows 98/NT/Me/2000/XP/2003. It gathers headlines via RSS feeds and displays articles internally on single-click, or in a browser with double-click. Fast native interface.
  • Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator extension for Mozilla Firefox.
  • Sauce Reader is an easy to use, innovative and full-featured feed reader. Currently discontinued and it's source code up for sale.
  • SharpReader is an RSS Aggregator for Windows. Requires .NET Framework.
  • TopFeed is a Java based RSS reader supporting RSS/RDF/Atom for Windows.
  • WinRSS - WinRSS sits quietly in your system tray, periodically checking your favourite sites for updates. When a site is updated, WinRSS displays a summary as a Windows balloon tooltip, which you can click on to open the site. Also, HTML listings are available.
  • Wizz RSS - A free Firefox extension that supports all versions of RSS, Atom 0.3, Podcast feeds and the Feed protocol. Fully tested on Mac OS X, Windows 2000, Window XP and Mandrake Linux 10.1 (KDE).
  • wTicker a heavyweight RSS/Atom aggregator with lots of features. Podcasts, mail notification, scraping websites, stocks, system events, proxy, ssl, authentication, tickers, reads out articles, very customizable by sql-scripts, runs from a memory stick, no .Net/IE needed.
  • Ziepod podcast receiver and player; Provides multiple visual modes; Enables you to search episodes on the Internet and rate them.

Windows commercial software

  • RSS2Exchange allows you to publish your very own industry specific news pages directly into MS Exchange Public Folders. Stay updated on the latest changes and markets in your business area. Get the information you need when you need it easily and conveniently.
  • Attensa for Outlook is a news reader that delivers newsfeeds directly into folders in Microsoft Outlook. It includes browser toolbars (for IE and Firefox) that make it easy to add and manage subscriptions. It supports attachments including Podcast audio files.
  • Replay Radio aggregates Podcasts, and also records radio shows to listen to later on your PC or MP3 player.
  • FeedDemon enables you to quickly read, search and gather information from hundreds of web sites - without having to visit them.
  • Feed Scout toolbar for Internet Explorer. Provides ability to view feeds within one click.
  • intraVnews is an RSS/Atom aggregator that runs in Outlook. Feeds are delivered into Outlook folders where they can be read alongside email.
  • iPodderX popular Mac RSS/Atom aggregator now available for Windows (Beta version).
  • MyNewsToGo is a news aggregator that helps you to gather information from news websites in a single view. It also supports conversion of news to MP3.
  • NewsBee Publisher Edition customizable RSS solution in modular design, which can be branded. RSS/Atom storage with DB, search agents, feed tagging and centralized feed subscrption for use in enterprises.
  • NewsGator is a news aggregator that runs in Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to subscribe to various syndicated news feeds (such as weblogs, news sites, etc.) and have news from these sites be delivered right into your Outlook folders.
  • NewsPiper NewsPiper is a RSS/Atom/web news reader and news/stock ticker in one environment. It shows news in usual 3-panes newsreader interface (channels, headlines, news details) and in a news ticker bar (News Bar). Additionally it can pronounce news.
  • NewzCrawler NewzCrawler is an RSS/Atom reader, news aggregator, browser and blog client which provides access to news content from various sources such as Atom/RSS/RDF/BackSlash; Usenet (NNTP) newsgroups; Web pages (HTTP).
  • NewzSpider is an easy to use RSS and Atom aggregator. Free unlimited trial version available.
  • RSS Point (full version) is a reader of Atom and RSS data feeds for Win32 environment with unique properties and easy control, emphasizing high functionality and reliability. Free 30-day trial period.
  • Viapoint is a .NET desktop smart organizer including an RSS/Atom aggregator that allows users to subscribe to RSS feeds and organize the resulting items along with email, web favorites, and local files based upon their business relationships like competitors, prospects, and press contacts. Free 30-day trial period.
  • You Subscribe: RSS is now Attensa for Outlook a news reader that delivers newsfeeds directly into folders in Microsoft Outlook. It includes browser toolbars that make it easy to add and manage subscriptions. It supports attachments including Podcast audio files.

For Mobile phone

Mobile phone freeware

  • RSSManager RSSManager is a J2ME application that allows to read last news on your mobile phone from your preferred site, simple and directly, support RSS/RDF and Atom format.

You can categorize RSS feed and send email with news detail to your friends.

  • mReader mReader is a light-weight Mobile RSS Reader (Aggregator) designed to be compatible with J2ME midp devices including Mobile Phones, PDAs and Blackberry.

For Mac OS X

Mac OS X freeware

  • NetNewsWire Lite is a freeware edition of the commercial NetNewsWire program listed below. Its so-called "Lite" feature set practically defines the newsreader industry standard.
  • Ensemble is a newer Japanese RSS/Atom news reader which is coming along nicely. Freeware. It can import OPML with groups.
  • Safari RSS is built into Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger and is an excellent RSS Reader (as is the RSS Visualizer Screen Saver in OS X 10.4!)
  • Lektora seamlessly integrates with Firefox, enabling easy and efficient reading of RSS news feeds within the browser. (beta)
  • MiNews is yet another free RSS-based news aggregator application for Mac OS X.
  • NewsAccess is a free RSS reader that accompanies Earthlink's Macintosh software. It is Livejournal savvy.
  • NewsMac powerful RSS reader with Palm and iPod sync. A multi-lingual version is available.
  • News Reader lets you display your choice of any number of news feeds in a compact, elegant Dashboard widget.
  • PulpFiction Lite is an RSS/Atom news reader with a unique interface, similar to Mac OS X's Mail.
  • RSSOwl is a free RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader in Java with SWT for a fast, native GUI.
  • Vienna is open-source, supports RSS and Atom, and has a flexible user interface.
  • Wizz RSS - A 100% free Firefox extension that supports all versions of RSS, Atom 0.3, Podcast feeds and the Feed protocol. Fully tested on Mac OS X, Windows 2000, Window XP and Mandrake Linux 10.1 (KDE).

Mac OS X commercial software

  • NetNewsWire is an easy-to-use RSS Web news reader for Mac OS X.
  • NewsFire is a very simple and nice looking RSS news reader designed to be easy on the eyes.
  • NewsMac Pro adds many features to the free NewsMac, including Atom support.
  • iPodderX is a powerful podcasting client and RSS/Atom newsreader all in one.
  • Pheeder is an XML feed reader with a simple, attractive, easy to use interface on top of a very powerful application that can be extended to view almost any XML format via XSLT transformations.
  • PulpFiction is an RSS/Atom news reader with a unique interface, similar to Mac OS X's Mail.
  • Safari is the Apple-made Web browser added to Mac OS X. Safari 2.0 only available with Mac OS X v10.4. It supports RSS and Atom feeds. The feeds are formatted similar to a Spotlight window, within Safari.
  • Shrook is a Mac OS X newsreader with a unique feature set. It is a desktop application with a web-app interface to use when you're on the road - and when you go back home, the desktop app knows which articles you've read. Its distributed checking feature alerts you as soon as a new article is posted - even if you're only set to check every hour.

For Unix

  • akregator is a KDE RSS/Atom feed reader and aggregator.
  • Lektora seamlessly integrates with Firefox, enabling easy and efficient reading of RSS news feeds within the browser. (beta)
  • Liferea is a GTK/GNOME aggregator.
  • Raggle is a console RSS aggregator.
  • RSSOwl is a free RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader in Java with SWT for a fast, native GUI.
  • Snownews is a text mode RSS newsreader for Linux and Unix.
  • Straw is an RSS / RDF / Atom desktop news aggregator for GNOME written in Python.
  • Olive is a console mode RSS newsreader. It provides a chronological rather than site-oriented view.
  • Feedisto:Textscan is a module which selects interesting RSS links via text search and puts them and their data into a static HTML filefor online or offline browsing.
  • PenguinTV is a user-friendly aggregator that also supports downloading enclosed media in podcasts and video blogs.

Online news aggregators

These allow the user to enter the URL of news feed that he/she wants to subscribe to and gets refreshed automatically at a time interval. These could be free or a paid service.

Free online news aggregators

  • 24eyes - The Premium RSS Dashboard on the Internet.
  • 2RSS Reader is an online RSS reader with or without registration. Fast and simple.
  • GOPINION is a blog and news aggregator for conservatives. The website advertises itself as featuring "all the best conservative blog posts, hand-picked from around the web."
  • Bean Rocket is a web-based RSS/ATOM news reader with podcast support, OPML support, tags and color skins.
  • ATOM/RSS On Line Feed Aggregator Web-based Free Online Aggregator support ATOM/RSS feed.
  • BigBlogZoo aggregates and categorises nearly 80,000 feeds.
  • Blauer Bote has several different aggregators.
  • Bloglines is an easy-to-use service for subscribing to news feeds, which also lets you publish a blog easily from your feeds. Available in several languages, and supports browsing from a mobile device.
  • Blox0r The best rich web client application. Blog reader and bookmarker. Is a XUL-based application, and thus supports Gecko browsers only like Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape. For Linux, MacOS and Windows.
  • Egenas News - World and regional news aggregator based on popular stories.
  • Feed-Tank,or is a hosted web 2.0 application to enable you make subscription of feeds(RSS/ATOM/RDF) online, and let read your feeds' latest articles in one center place.Feed-Tank's design goal is to make things easier. Feed-Tank employs much Ajax effects to let you feel no difference between web and desktop applications, for example, drag and drop to sort feeds list.Feed-Tank supports folksnomony,so-called tags. You can tag your favorite articles, and let other feed-tank users share your favorites.
  • Everyfeed's purpose is to propose in various forms (directories, search engine, personalized feeds...) a simple and fast way to manage its flows of information.
  • Ez2 News - Search news, RSS feeds and blogs listed in categories.
  • FeedBucket can read RSS data from explicit URLs or from extracted links from web pages.
  • FeedFeeds is a free and easy-to-use online news aggregator that allows you to subscribe and customize any RSS feeds. It also export the latest feeds from all of your subscribed feeds in RSS format.
  • Feedroll
  • Feeds2Read is an online RSS feeds reader and directory supporting any language. You may want to register so you can bookmark your favorite feeds.
  • Feed to Javascript
  • FeedLounge delivers a rich client interface through extensive Ajax usage. It also supports tagging of both feeds and feed items, saving feed items and importing OPML files. (Alpha)
  • FeedShake is a tool for merging, sorting, filtering , limiting and hosting multiple RSS feeds and podcasts.
  • Feedsplitter
  • FeedTagger is an online web-based news aggregator that allows users to attach tags to their feeds (à la It supports importing OPML and searching an ever growing list of indexed feeds.
  • Findory is a personalized news and weblog reader. It learns from the articles you read, searches thousands of sources, and helps you discover news you would otherwise miss. Easy to use. Just read articles, and the site gets better and better.
  • Gritwire Free Web-based blog and RSS reader with community network, quicklink favorites, web-based wiki notepads and a downloadable deskbar. Gritwire is fast, easy, simple.
  • GTFBTW is an online RSS reader and time wasting portal.
  • iNews Torrent is a web-based RSS reader, which also lets you publish news and create personal news channels.
  • is an online RSS news, blogs, forums and Groups aggregator for the Java programming language.
  • Journster is an online RSS/Atom aggregator.
  • Kinja is a weblog portal, collecting news and commentary from selected websites. Visitors can browse items on topics ranging from food to sex, or create a convenient personal digest, to track their favorite writers.
  • LiveFavorites (free) is a sleek web-based manager for RSS feeds, Internet bookmarks, contacts and memos. Users can access their saved information from any Internet connection.
  • LiveJournal, while primarily a blogging site, also offers online news aggregation, with the articles being included upon a user's "Friends page". While this is available for free, greater access is afforded to paying users. Several other sites based upon LiveJournal's code also offer similar features.
  • MediaTuner is an easy-to-use Flash-based rich media reader and player. Watch video blogs, listen to podcasts, view pictures, all on a Mac or PC.
  • metaRSS A global online solution for all web syndication needs. Read, produce, find, research and select RSS news feeds.
  • The Nearest Neighbor News Network is an online RSS aggregator that uses collaborative filtering methods to recommend articles to users based on their watchlist.
  • Newsburst is a personalized tool that tracks virtually any type of information on the Web: news, blogs, shopping lists, weather, search results, alerts, auctions and more.
  • NewsGator Online is an online reader. For an additional fee, you can synchronize your subscriptions with a mobile device, and also read feeds in Microsoft Outlook.
  • NewsIsFree is a full featured free web based news reader offering a range of tools to browse and search online content. For a small yearly fee the Portal Premium Services offer advanced features such as clipping, click tracking, news alerts, news archives, weather reports.
  • Newster is a news aggregator which outputs to a blog
  • NewsXS is a free web based news aggregator and RSS-feed generator and offers news in english, french, german, dutch, spanish and italian.
  • Macbeeline - Online News Aggregator reads and displays Apple Macintosh related news feeds.
  • mobilerss is a free web-based news aggregator geared towards mobile devices like PDAs and phones. It features notification for new items and also allows reading news in Mozilla/Firefox.
  • allows users to create their own customized news page. Webmasters can use to create to add rss content to their own site.
  • Mowtow News Aggregator is a novice proof scrolling news aggregator requiring no software installation and consequently popular in security conscious corporate environments.
  • Plazoo is an online news aggregator and search engine. It has an own feedreader and watchlist-functions under their free service myplazoo
  • Rmail is an email based news reader.
  • reBlog
  • Rojo is a web-based aggregator that adds support for feed and story tagging and some community-enhancing features (contacts, sharing stories).
  • RSS Feed Reader is a free online news reader for webmasters. It allows webmasters to easily add any RSS or Atom XML feed to their website.
  • RSS Feed Reader / News Aggregators Directory
  • is a free online RSS feed reader, and a web based news aggregator. It allows you to create your own news page and to build custom news feeds using your favorite RSS Feeds.
  • RSS to Javascript
  • rss4you (fr) is a free French-speaking tool for content-aggregation.
  • RSS Freaks is a totally FREE news aggregator service, allowing you to add and manage your favorite news feed. Major syndication types are supported, such as RSS, ATOM, CDF and Hot RSS. Simple easy to read format.
  • RssFwd is a free rss-to-email service, delivering rss/atom updates to your email address.
  • - Free dutch rss reader.
  • side4 is a free web-based news reader.
  • is a sandbox version from Microsoft - might integrate with MSN one day?
  • Steven's News Service is a free and fast online RSS service based on the lilina package.
  • SYFACiL is an RSS reader, bookmark manager, and file upload manager with cross-browser support. It also offers an IE toolbar with additional functionality.
  • Tokyoahead News Mailer If you want to get RDF content without a special reader, you can have it sent to you here on a schedule by email. This also has the advantage that you get 100% of the news even if you are not online for some time.
  • Waggr (WebAggregator) is a free, easy-to-use web-based news aggregator that boasts the same speed and familiar interface as a desktop program.
  • Yahoo's RSS Client My Yahoo!, the personalized part of Yahoo! has been updated to allow you to add any RSS feed to your page. It's not as full-featured as some aggregators, but is a convenient option for Yahoo! users and new RSS users.
  • zFeeder
  • Online Job Feeds

Commercial online news aggregators

  • All Headline News provides professionally aggregated RSS and JavaScript news feeds for web, print, TV, Radio, wireless and interactive applications. News, weather, market data, FOREX, Horoscopes and other content is delivered real-time via an XML Feed or by configurable JavaScript and PHP feeds.
  • Neomailbox is a secure email service that offers the ability to receive RSS feeds directly into your email account, thereby enabling access to RSS feeds from any email client.
  • YellowBrix is a paid service which aggregates news from several thousand premium news sources, categorizes and delivers it in real-time via an XML feed.

Hybrid aggregators

These function much as online news aggregators, but are administered by the user. They can thus be viewed as a hybrid of desktop and online news aggregators. To use one of these, you need to have your own HTTP server (preferably Apache) with a scripting language such as PHP or Python, and may need to have MySQL installed on either your own computer or on a server. Please note: If you plan to run your aggregator on a hosted server, please check with your provider about firewall security setup. They may need to explicitly allow your RSS feeds.

OEM/Meta News Feeds

Providers of aggregation services to news portals and search engines (not necessarily direct to end users).

  • Moreover (supplies sites like BBC news tracker)
  • NewsKnowledge (builds on the vast NewsIsFree source database and supplies portals,intranets etc with custom news feeds)
  • Newstex (Provides Content on Demand with tailored newsfeeds using thousands of sources including AP, Knight Ridder/Tribune (200 newspapers), Reed Business Publications, BBC Monitor, etc)

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