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Player Manager Box

This is the first product to successfully combine football management and action games together. Dino Dini was responsible for all engineering and game design. The game had a full management simulation with a live transfer market, and CPU controlled managers bidding against each other as well as the player. This product started the whole Player-Manager franchise.

Updated version

From 2005 the KOA started the work on updating Player Manager with reverse engineering tecnique. Steve Camber started the work modifing the classic Player Manager removing PBD, Jesper adding the same Ball and pitch of Kick Off 2.

Magazine Reviews

  • ST Action - A stroke of pure genius.
  • The One - An exceptional football management sim. Astounding depth, most involved, rewarding and playable.
  • ACE - Successfully blends challenging soccer management with frantic end to end arcade action. 920
  • New Comp Express - The sheer depth is incredible. A definitive management game.
  • Commodore User - At last a management game that requires true management skills - a winner 94%
  • ST Format - Brilliant. 93%
  • Amiga Format - Enthralling and addictive. 93%
  • ZZAP - Best football management game ever written. 92%
  • Non mag review of Player Manager


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