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The KOA maintains the rankings of its active Kick Off players. For a player to participate in the rankings, he has to play in at least two tournaments of 4 or more players, who follow the standard KOA rules. By participating in one tournament, a player's ranking points are calculated, but his name is not displayed in the rankings list to avoid upsets and inaccuracies.

The KOA ranking system

Big respect to Robert Swift and Alkis Polyrakis for developing and maintaining the rankings and Spyros Paraschis to develop the KOA Stats Analyser.

Here are the systems principles / rules:

  1. Each new player enters the list with 1000 ranking points
  2. The more games someone plays, the more we know about them
  3. Extra points should not be 'created' just because people play more games
  4. Every game involves gain by one player, loss by another
  5. Ranking difference should multiply/divide the effect of the result
  6. It should require continual effort to maintain your good/bad points, otherwise you drift 7ack to 1000
  7. Every month, the differential with 1000 should be reduced by 1%
  8. Total points will therefore always be Players/1000 - no new points are 'created'
  9. In KO Team A is stronger than Team B. In the first KOA World Cup, held in Dartford, Team A won 70 games and Team B 55, therefore 70/55 = 1.27. Thus wins with Team B should receive 27% more points.

How to view the rankings system and KOA stats

The KOA has its own statistical analysis and presentation tool for all KOA tournaments, developed by Spyros Paraschis. The KOA Stats Analyser consists of two parts - the main application setup and the monthly data update, provided by Alkis Polyrakis. If you haven't downloaded the application before, you should download the setup package, install it and then copy the current month's update on the app's directory.

Also we have an on-line version with the list of all the players who have ever participated in an official KOA tournament:

KOA Tournaments Player Statistics