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We are going to play with the Kick Off 2 competition version by Steve Camber (available for download ) on Commodore Amigas. This version is 100% the same gameplay as the original Kick Off 2.

General Rules

  • game duration are 2 half of 5 minutes
  • Random Referee unless both parties agree on ref
  • Normal Pitch
  • Wind off
  • International Skill Level
  • Yellow Vs Dark Blue kit design setup
  • Default scanner settings unless both parties agree.
  • Aftertouch on.
  • 100% speed.
  • No extra time
  • Only default tactics are allowed, 424, 433, 532, 442
  • Players can substitute their players and choose any of the default tactics anytime during the match. They cannot however change the starting lineups.
  • If Amiga crashes during the first half, the players have to start a new game.
  • If Amiga crashes during the second half, the players will only replay the second half, keeping the first half score of the abandoned game.
  • The amiga referee's decision is final!


  • All the competititors will be splitted into groups of 7/8 players.
  • All the Amigas will have both kick off versions (Kick Off 2 and Kick Off 2 WC90 PBD) loaded.
  • Each player plays against each competitor in group twice, home/away.
  • Team A gets to choose the game version.
  • Top players go through to second round.
  • Bottom players go through to the KOA CUP.
  • In case two or more teams finish with the same points, they should be sorted according to:
  • No away goals rule and no goals counted! 0-0 = 5-5, 3-0 = 5-0


Second Round

  • Top players from these groups to progress and it's knockout all the way from here, 2 legs (Home & away matches).
  • In case two or more teams finish with the same points, they should be sorted according to:
    • Result of matches between them
    • Goal difference
    • Goals scored
    • Penalties
  • No away goals rule! 0-0 = 5-5


  • all the competititors split into more league.
  • Home/away matches, semifinal, finals
  • Light wind is active
  • all the other rule are the same as saturday.

Knockout stages

In case both teams score the same number of goals in the two matches, they will play Extra Time & Penalties. This can be done by:

Knock-out, 3rd place Final, Finals: Team A/Team B is decided on a coin toss.

Best defence and best scorer cups

The winners will be the players with less average of goal conceded and the best average of goal scored on second round.

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