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Changes -Walls around the pitch can be activated in the KO2CV menu. No more throw-ins or corners As ever you can get it from HERE

  • June 30th & 31st, 2007 UKC`s are just around the corner! 25 plus players turning up from all over Europe!

Changes - Goal Statistics - Altered pitch graphics by Gianni T - Match report. Goal stats are now given a distance, height and speed. The pitch graphics have been given a refresh! new banners round the pitch, new stands and team benches! The match report now shows along with average goal distance - shots, shots on target, goals and the number of fouls. As ever you can get it from HERE

  • May 24th, 2007 - Ex World Champion Gianluca Troiano make comeback!

The Three times World Champion (2003,2004,2005) Gianluca Troiano hasnt played a tournament since Cologne 2005 where he played amazing and won the 2leg final with 8-1 and 7-2.

Now he has signed up for an online tournament which will be played next Thursday (31/5). Although he says he only play for fun and it is online it will be intresting to see how he will perform. Especially since Gianluca Troiano will participate in this year World Cup in Rome.

For more info about the online tournament and to sign for tournament go here:

Rome is the city most likely to host the 2007 Kick Off 2 World Cup, the main tournament of the Kick Off Association, which, according to the current situation, will take place on 10-11 November 2007 organized by Gianluca Troiano, the 3 times World Cup winner. We are hoping to have more definite news in the following weeks, so that you can start buying your plane tickets!

  • May 3rd, 2007 - Throw In beta 0.8 Released.

After months of waiting for the new beta of Gianluca Troianos Kick Off 2 clone, Throw in the game today was released. The new version contains new graphics, Champions League and loads of other new features. For downloading and beta feedback visit the Throw In Forum section.

Changes in this version - An option can be set in the KO2CV menu to record the joystick input in replays. There is no need to specify a new filename inbetween matches when you want to save replays. Just keep hitting F1 during games to add more replays to the same save file. It is best to start a new save file after watching your replays in the action replay section.

  • April 11th, 2007 - Throw In beta 0.8 April release confirmed.

Gianluca Troiano yesterday did an announcement that the Throw In beta will be released April 22. The beta will contain champions league, new graphics, better gameplay and loads of other features.

  • April 8th, 2007 - Kick Off 2 Online Released!

RedHair of RetroKickhas released a KO2 update to his software to ensure Kick Off fans can play over the net with the minimum fuss. This is the same ground breaking software that fired Sensible Soccers popularity into the Stratosphere and garnered many new fans in the process - well, now its Kick Off's turn to share the limelight! Unlike other online versions of Kick Off 2, this automates the whole process and ensures you can be playing online quicker than you can say Dino Dini! Once you have downloaded the software, log into the Chat Room to organise games with other KO2 fans.

Click here to Download Kick Off 2 Online

Click here to go to the Chatroom

Click here to see details of the first online tournament

Changes in this version are : Teams are reset properly in between matches. This can be disabled in the KO2CV menu if you want to continually play with a modified line-up. Useless but interesting. A debug feature which has been hidden inside the code, I have added an option in the KO2CV menu to enable it. Finally Steve has tracked down the speed advantage that human players have vs CPU players. It can be switched off to make 1 player games more challenging. n option in the KO2CV menu will prevent your team from doing auto slides or auto headers. This does not include the unintentional slide when trying to trap the ball with an opponent nearby. And last but not anywhere least - At last we have the initial release of this feature. Switch this on in the KO2CV menu. Take the ball to where you want to take the free kick from. Hit F2 to set the position. Get possession of the ball and Hit F3. A free kick will be taken from the selected position. When you have possession of the ball again, hit F3 to take again.. and again.