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(Controversial topic. See Talk:PBD before editing.)

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PBD or Penalty Box Dribble is also known as PMBC - Player Manager Ball Control.
PBD is a special feature which affects the ball control of the human player in the penalty box (and the spaces left and right of the box). The effect of PBD is reduced distance between the player and the ball when dribbling. Dribbling straight for some distance causes the ball to go behind the player (see fig.).
Fig. Penalty Box Dribble.

PBD is only found on some versions of the game. Versions which has PBD (for the human player):

The CPU player has PBD in all versions of Kick Off 2 and Player Manager (correct ??).

PBD on World Cup

As there are a lot of people who has grown up playing Kick Off 2 cracked by Oracle (and Player Manager) with PBD and some other are used on all the other Kick Off 2 versions without PBD, on tournaments both versions are regarded as official KO2 versions and big events like the World Cup are played on both versions.
On the 2001 World Cup nobody noticed the differences on the versions so all the games were played indifferentely with both versions.
The 2002 and 2003 World Cup adopted Oracle copies for the PBD version and Kick Off 2 Original copies for the PBD-free version.
On 2004 for the first time a World Cup was played with the 2 different version of Kick Off 2 World Cup 90 (with and without PBD) dumped from original games by CAPS and re-cracked by Jesper to have ADF copies .

PBD version controversy

Since the versions have basically different gameplay KOA had various animated discusions on wich version play on tournaments. The first KOA controversy was on 2002 after the UK tournament and the mass-discovery of PBD. The discussion was about on which version adopt during the tournaments. Some people wanted to use only the original copies, other only the Oracle. At the end there was an agreement on which TeamA choose the version to play the game. This rule was called "Team A chooses".

mixed PBD controversy

Actually there is some controversy over whether or not "Team A chooses" should be changed. With the arrival of the Kick Off 2 competition version it is possible for 2 players to use different ball control in the same game, the "5" key toggles PBD on/off indipendently for both players. Games with both ball control are called "mixed PBD" or "mixed mode" and there're some discussion into to force everybody on playing "mixed mode".

Pro on "mixed mode" says:

  1. that every player should be allowed to use the ball control he/she prefers and not be forced to play with / or without PBD by Team A choosing the control for him/her.

Opponents of forcing "mixed mode" to all the players says:

  1. to keep the classic version gameplay, to keep the "Team A chooses" and let play "mixed mode" only if both players agree.
  2. such a rule change will give also an unfair advantage to players who prefer PBD, since it is generally though that PBD makes goal scorring easier.
  3. some doubt of fairness to force NO-PBD players on playing with hybrid ball control if they're not used to defend against PBD moves in the penalty box.
  4. forcing PBD mixed to everybody will force in the future every player on using only PBD.



This code checks the y coordinate of the ball and reduces the dribble value (D3) if in a PBD zone. It is used no matter which player touches the ball.

0000A416   TST.W     (D_0008,A0)		;up pitch or down pitch
0000A41A   BEQ       B_a426			;
0000A41C   CMP.W     #0xd8,(D_0004,A5)         ;0xd8=216
0000A422   BGT       B_a432			;do nothing if >216
0000A424   BRA       B_a42e			;jump and decrease D3 by 30
0000A426   CMP.W     #0x498,(D_0004,A5)	;0x498=1176
0000A42C   BLT       B_a432			;do nothing if <1176
0000A42E   SUB.W     #0x1e,D3			;decrease D3 by 30

From Kick Off 2 without PBD, v1.2e? onwards:

This nearly identical code checks the y coordinate of the ball and reduces the dribble value (D0) if in a PBD zone. It is used ONLY with non-human-controlled players.

0000C05A   TST.W     (D_0008,A0)
0000C05E   BEQ       B_c06a
0000C060   CMP.W     #0xd8,(D_0004,A5)
0000C066   BGT       B_c07e
0000C068   BRA       B_c072
0000C06A   CMP.W     #0x498,(D_0004,A5)
0000C070   BLT       B_c07e
0000C072   MOVE.W    (D_0024,A5),D0
0000C076   SUB.W     #0x28,D0
0000C07A   MOVE.W    D0,(D_000a,A5)

When the ball is kicked during a dribble:
BallSpeed=PlayerRunSpeed*1.125 + 30 (no +30 if in pbd zone)

In CPU-only PBD this changes to:
BallSpeed=PlayerRunSpeed*1.125 + 30 (-40 if in pbd zone, so -10 overall)<