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General FAQ

What is KOA (Kick Off Association)?

It's a group of fans devoted to Kick Off. Their aim is to keep the game alive and meet each other every year in a big international Kick Off 2 Tournament: the World Cup Gathering.

What is Kick Off 2?

It's one of the best computer games related to football ever made. It was programmed by Dino Dini & Steve Screech, AD 1990

How can I play Kick Off 2?

You need an Amiga, a Joystick and a floppy disk of Kick Off 2. You can also play with an emulator and a Joystick adaptor on Windows (WinUAE), on Linux (E-UAE) and on Apple Macintosh (E-UAE) with a floppy image of Kick Off 2 and the kickstart 1.3.

What are the differences of the cracked (by Oracle) version and the original Kick Off 2?

The cracking group Oracle has cracked an early version of Kick Off 2 World Cup 90 back in the year 1990. But this versions are different in some details. The other versions that came onto market was Kick Off 2 World Cup 90 v1.2 and Kick Off 2 v1.4. Not everybody had bought the original game and somebody are used to the Oracle version and the other part has only played the v1.4. The biggest difference is the so called PBD (Penalty Box Dribbling), which can only be found in the early Kick Off 2 World Cup 90 version and the Kick Off 2 "cracked by Oracle" version.

What exactly is PBD (Penalty Box Dribbling)?

The programmer of Kick Off 2 - Dino Dini - has experimented with this feature in a previous version of Kick Off 2 World Cup 90 v1.2 which has been removed in the final versions. This feature is called PBD. PBD makes the control of the ball more stick to the player on the penalty box (or the right or left side of it). PBD is therefore something changing the dynamics of the ball. PBD does not exist on any Atari ST version (but there're some suspects that some versions have PBD) and on the Amiga does exists only on early Kick Off 2 World Cup 90 original version and on all Kick Off 2 World Cup 90 Cracked by Oracle. As some people have grown up with the Oracle version and have their standard goals with the PBD, while others are used to the version without this feature and have their standard goals without the PBD, big events like the World Cup must be played on both versions. The rule says that Team A (home) decides about which version to play. Until the year 2005 one half of the Amigas ran with Oracle and the other half with 1.4. Since 2005 there is the Kick Off 2 competition version which obsoletes this logistical problem.

What are the improvements in the Kick Off 2 competition version?

The Kick Off community is lucky to have some clever coders as its member, which have reverse engineered Kick Off 2 and have made some nice improvements. Steve Camber has brought us the Competition Version for the World Cup 2005. First this version has all the options set already after booting the game. This means no silly clicking through the menus just to do the same settings every time. The main feature is the chance to switch PBD ON and OFF. This can be done by pressing the "5" key (just next to the tactics keys). This means no more changing of the Amigas and same chances for everyone. Considering the gameplay the Competition Version is 100% identical with the former versions!

How do I get my Kick Off 2 copy?

If you do not own an Amiga, you can use the ADF provided at download directly with an Amiga emulator for PCs. The real fun only comes when playing on an original Amiga, though! Amigas can easily be found on Ebay. The ADFs can of course also be tranfered to an Amiga, but this is not that easy. There is the possibility to go over a null-modem cable, or with special Amigas that can also understand the MS-DOS filesystem. More resources can be found on the web. If you do not have any chance to get your copy, write an email to info@kickoff2.com. For 3€ I would send you an Amiga-Diskette with your own copy of Kick Off 2.

What versions of kickoff have been released ?

by Dino Dini
by Steve Screech

What cheats exist for kick off 2 ?

  • Switch on autofire, or repeatedly press the fire button and the result will be that your keeper will save the ball every time.
  • Keep pressing the 'R' key when you take a penalty, this will show you where the players going to kick the ball.
  • In mid-match press all the function keys from left to right 'F1' to 'F10'. "S12" or "S14" should appear in the top right hand corner. You will now be able to substitute the computer's keeper and the new guy will be completely useless.
  • Save every Penalty (discovered by Trevor Dutton ) when the player steps up to take the kick, pull down diagonally left on the joystick. As soon as he hits the ball, push up diagonally right and press fire.
  • Substitute the opposing goalkeeper twice and he will not save your shots.

How can I contact Dino ?

Dino has formed Abundant Software after moving back from the United States. His personal webpage is [here] and you can also email him or talk to him on his forums.

What does Dino say about copyright ?

"In theory all such material is copyrighted and thus can not be used. In practice this is impossible to enforce. About anything that is out there of mine, well I really do not mind at all. Afterall, it keeps my creations alive, so why should Ibe unhappy?"

Where can I get a disk image of ko2 ?

Visit the download page.

What platforms can I play kick off 2 on ?

What you need is an amiga emulator for you computer. Known platforms...

What happened to the pc version of kick off

Dino was writing and released a beta version of ekickoff for the pc. However for some reason he decided to cancel the project and is no longer working on it.

Kick Off 2 World Cup FAQ

What is The World Cup Gathering?

Is a gathering of friends that spend 1 weekend every year to play this 15 years old football game to enjoy the most important competitive event and have the annual best player worldwide.

Which version of Kick Off will be used?

We'll adopt only one version: Kick Off 2 competition version

Which computer we'll use?

Only Amiga 500, Amiga 2000 and Amiga 1200

Can I use my Joysticks?

Yes of course, but we can also provide extra joysticks

Can I use national Teams?

No, all the games will be played with Team A vs Team B

What is the game level?


How long are the matches?

2 half of 5 minutes

Should I choose my favourite Referees?

Referees are random unless both players agree to change/choose another referee

Wind is active?

Only in the KOA CUP

Which pitches we'll use?

normal pitch

Can I choose the kit colour of the team?

No, the kit colours will be full yellow and full Blue

After Touch is active?

Yes, sure!

What is the Speed of the players?


Which Tactics I can use?

Only default Tactics: 424, 532, 442, 433

May I change the default line-up?

Line up changes are not allowed.

May I have a bigger/smaller/no Scanner?

Scanner always stay in the default size unless both players agree to change it

May I change the tactics and the players during the game?

Yes, of course!

What about if 2 players end the league with the same points on Saturday?

the direct matches will decide who is better.

What about if I don't agree the result of a match

The final result of the Amiga stands

So what happens if an Amiga crashes??

If it crashes during the first half, the game will be replayed totally. If it crashes during the second half then only the second half will be replayed starting from the goal result of the first half

What we'll do on first day of World Cup?

We'll play to find the best players that will go to the final round on sunday

What about the players that won't qualify for the Sunday final Stage?

They'll play the KOA CUP

What about if 2 players end the league with the same points?

The direct matches will decide who is better, then goal scored in the Direct M., Goal scored overall, goal difference, penalties

Who will play Team A on Knock Out stage firstly?

A coin toss will decide it

What happen if the 2 players has 2 direct draws or a victory each in the knock outs?

The player who score more goals win the knock out if they'll score the same amount of goals they'll play 2 extra times and then penalties

What is strictly forbidden in the World Cup?

  • Turn off an Amiga or a monitor during a game.
  • press esc during the game
  • touching, hitting, screaming, offending, deconcentrate a player during the match

What are the prizes in this gathering??

World Cup Prizes:

  1. KOA World Shield Trophy (Best player worldwide)
  2. World Cup Trophy
  3. World Cup Trophy
  4. World Cup Trophy

from 5th to 16th player: Best 16 KOA medal

Best scorer CUP (Player that will score more goal on sunday - WC Final round)

Best defence CUP (Player that will have the best average Defence)

KOA Conpetition prizes:

  1. KOA CUP winner Cup
  2. KOA silver medal
  3. KOA bronze medal

I don't like this Rules and also other friends of mine don't like it, should we change it?

You can ask to change some Rules into the KOA forum and have a poll. Only players that will attend the next World Cup and have already played one in the past can vote.

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